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 28/43/50-lines Mode for TurboVision Applications   Ed Jordan 30.09.1993

Пример установки 28/43/50-строчного видеорежима для Turbovision-приложений.
App28 is a Turbo Pascal unit that enables TurboVision applications to be toggled in and out of 28/43/50-lines mode, giving programmers another video option to present to users of their programs.


28-Line Mode For TurboVision If you're a Turbo Pascal programmer, then APP28.PAS will give you another video option in your TurboVision programs. As you know, the TurboVision constant smFont8x8 can be used to put TurboVision programs into 43 or 50 line mode (depending on whether they're running on an EGA or VGA adaptor). APP28.PAS contains a new smXXXX constant, smFont8x14, along with TApp28, a simple descendant of TApplication that knows what to do with the new smXXXX constant. TApp28 overrides only one TApplication method--SetScreenMode. Calling "SetScreenMode(ScreenMode or smFont8x14)" will put a TurboVision application into 28-line mode--if it is descended from TApp28 instead of TApplication, and IF IT IS RUNNING ON A VGA ADAPTOR. If it is not running on a VGA adaptor, no harm will be done, and you will still be able to toggle between 50 and 25 line modes using smFont8x8. Why use 28 line mode? Most of the time you won't want to, but there may be situations where you'll be glad to have three extra lines with little loss in readability. If you've ever tried to work on a 50-line screen, you'll know both that it gives you a great over-view of what you're doing, and that it strains the heck out of your eyes. 28-line mode gives you more lines to work with and doesn't strain your sight at all. Another reason to use TApp28 is to provide the users of your program with another video option--it will make your programs seem a little spiffier if users can choose from a menu like this: VIDEO PREFERENCE 25 Line Mode 28 Line Mode 43/50 Line Mode For an example of a way to toggle between modes, see the HandleEvent method in TEST28.PAS. TApp28 is completely free. The source code is provided so that you can improve it or cust